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Nau mai, haere mai ra


Milk and Honey Paediatrics creates deeply supportive and nourishing experiences for Māmā, Pēpī and Whānau through those significant first 1000 days of life and beyond. We are Paediatricians and breastfeeding experts,  based in Auckland Central. We provide you and baby with one-on-one support for all your breastfeeding, sleep, tongue-tie and general paediatric needs.  

We see babies, children and young people up to the age of 15 years and draw from a range of

evidence-based sources to give holistic comprehensive advice.




Tongue Tie

Babies + Kids


Support for breastfeeding issues such as tongue-tie, mastitis, blocked ducts, milk supply, pain and difficulty latching.

Sleep is very important for babies and parents. We offer a personalised sleep assessment and  suggestions that suit you and your family.

We offer assessment and holistic advice to whether division is necessary. The proceedure is usually straightforward. 

General paediatric issues such as weight gain in babies, fussing, milk intolerances, spilling,   pain and breathing issues.


Our Clinic

We are available Mondays, alternate

Thursdays and some Saturdays. We also offer virtual consultations. 
Level 3 

Parnell Birthcare

20 Titoki St, Parnell

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