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Please note:  if you need a consultation and cannot afford our prices, please make contact. You may be eligible for our honey pot subsidy.

Location and Pricing


Prices vary between practitioners and appointment type but start at $417 for an hour initial consultation. Please contact us for more detailed  information.

Milk&Honey is a Southern Cross affiliated provider (please provide your number prior to your appointment).  

Other insurers - make payment first then claim from your insurer with receipt.


We are available Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 

Virtual appointments are available. 

Clinic Location

Milk & Honey Clinic 

13 Drake St

Freeman's Bay


Car Parking

We are working on it! If you park in the Wilson car park next door, there is only a lift from the 4th floor but it comes out right next to the clinic. Street parking or City works depot is cheaper. College Hill New World is free with shopping (8 min walk).

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